Living MedX far away from Stanford… Connecting Mexico to innovate

2 years ago, I have started an incredible adventure of life, in a normal way you never can imagine a place where you could reach people, hearts, knowledge, inspiration, incredible food, family for life, connections, technology, challenges, dreams, innovation…. INCREDIBLE PEOPLE!

One of the missions of going to Stanford MedX was the possibility to connect spanish and english to spread the main word of MedX; being an ePatient and knowing the importance of information and medicine trends, was for me very unfair that the idiom becomes the big barrier to help people and diminish the gaps between them.

2nd mission: transform the way of psychological assessment and intervention about invisible chronic illness.. as a psychologist fully convinced of the power of empower I started to work with my students in that objective

I have been working this years on the missions and trying to spread the word… lived the most incredible experiences since that flourishes from the bottom of my heart

This post it’s just to know that they didn’t get wrong when selected me and let me live the adventure, the inspiration of that place has being working inside of me and creating new ways to enhance the missions and dreams.

This year I won’t be there physically but the power of “live stream”, social network, and the love of my MedX family will makes me stay tuned, learning, enjoying, and sharing with some incredible people here in Mexico who are working on open innovation in healthcare, so… the inspiration of my first time at Stanford collides positively now not just in beauty memories or hopes, now all that was in my head it’s starting to flourish and spread the aim of MedX.

Patient-centered framework, innovation, new medical curriculum, technology, health care, human relations, enterprises, social network, all the stake holders included in this amazing conference. If you want to transform the world you can’t be out of this, if you are far from Palo Alto, don’t worry, they have thought in everything and the Global Access 2015 it’s the way!

Come and enjoy MedX… and remember “We belong together”  Larry Chu MD, MS Executive Director, MedX.

MedX family!

MedX family!


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